The Quality of Our Water


We’re committed to delivering crisp, clean tasting water, and we have high standards.

Every drop in every bottle of our purified water goes through a rigorous quality process. That’s how we can make sure it meets

our high safety standards and tastes great too.

We’re committed to delivering crisp, clean tasting water, and we have high standards. That’s why every drop goes through a rigorous steps quality process.

We respect the natural cycle of water and work with a team of dedicated hydrogeologists to ensure we sustainably manage the water resource and never take more than nature provides.

Why choose us

Water Process

Erie water has been purified using multistage filtration processes including Reverse Osmosis technology by observing strict quality control standards and hygienic conditions. Vital minerals are added aesthetically to present to you Clean & Balanced drinking water to keep you going hydrated and healthy.

Mineral Content (mg/1)

Magnesium5 – 15

Calcium30 – 80

Potassium0.02 – 5.0

Sodium5 – 30

Sulphate15 – 50

Chloride70 – 150

pH6.5 – 8.5

TDS150 – 300

Multistage Purification Process

  1. Dirt Cutter
  2. Reverse Osmosis Unit
  3. Vitroclean Glass Grain Media Filtration
  4. Ozonation
  5. GAC Purifier
  6. Ultra violet (UV) Sterilisation
  7. Sediment Cartridge Filtration (5 Micron)
  8. Fine Filtration
  9. Sediment Cartridge Filtration (1 Micron)
  10. Silverised Water Polisher

Fully Computerized

Introducing industry level automatic water purification and bottle filling technology near you for the first time. Computer control chip ensures consistency of defined quality on a regular basis.

Purified Water?

Erie water is sourced from deep underground reservoirs and processed by using latest water purification technologies.


Key Features of Erie Water

Multistage Purification Process

Automatic Water Purification System

Auto Bottle Filling

Water Quality Assurance

Seeing is Believing (On site Water Purification)

Availability of Water Guaranteed

Instant on call FREE Delivery

Governed by TQM Philosophy

Operated & Managed by Team of Professionals

Clean & Balanced Drinking Water

A unique Experience

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